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American Light Lager

Clausthaler Na $5.00

German Non-alcoholic Beverage

Miller Light $4.00

American Pilsner

Amstel Light $6.00

Holland Light Lager


American Pale Lager

Coors Light $4.00

American Pale Lager

Miller Genuine Draft $4.00

American Lager

Heineken $6.00

Holland Lager



Domain DuPage $6.00

French Style Country Ale By Two Brothers

Outlaw IPA $5.00

India Pale Ale by Two Brothers

Cane and Abel $6.50

Red Rye Ale by Two Brothers

Ebel Weis $5.00

Traditional German Hefeweizen

Tramp Stamp $6.50

Clown Shoes Belgian IPA from Massachusetts

Moose Drool $6.00

Brown Ale from Big Sky Brewery Montana

Harvest Ale $6.00

American Extra Special Bitter by Goose Island

Bottom Up Wit $5.00

Belgian Style Whet Ale by Revolution Brewing Chicago

Prairie Path $5.00

Golden Ale By Two Brothers

Goose Island Nut Brown Ale $6.00

Lagunitas IPA $6.50

India Pale Ale

Sidekick EPA $5.00

Extra Pale Ale

The Illinois IPA $6.50

Imperial IPA by Goose Island

Clementine $6.50

Clown Shoes Belgian Style White Ale from Massachusetts

Outlaw $5.00

Indian Pale Ale by Two Brothers

Bourbon County Stout $9.00

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout by Goose Island


Blue Moon $6.00

Belgium white

Guiness $6.00

Irish stout

Two Brothers Seasonal $6.00

Bells Seasonal $6.00

Foxfire Red Ale $6.00

American amber / red ale

Stella Artois $6.00

Belgian lager


Cosmopolitan $8.00

Citron Vodka, cointreau, lime and a splash of cranberry juice

Chocolate $8.00

Smirnoff vanilla, godiva white chocolate, and godiva dark chocolate

Cinn-Ful Martini $8.75

Smirnoff cinna-sugar twist vodka, rum chata drizzled with cinnamon glaze.

The Hive $8.75

Smirnoff wild honey vodka, st. germain liqueur and limocello drizzled with honey

French Martini $9.00

Grey goose vodka, chambord & a splash of pineapple juice

Pomegranate $8.00

Pearl pomegranate vodka, pama liquor, and a splash of orange juice & cranberry

Thoughts of Summer $8.00

Smirnoff pineapple coconut sorbet vodka, bacardi pineapple rum & malibu rum finished with a splash of pineapple juice

CT Crunch Martini $8.75

Rum chata, godiva white chocolate & stoli chocolate razberi vodka

Black Martini “GOOSE STYLE” $9.00

Grey goose cherry noir vodka, chambord served with a twist

Hibiscus Martini $9.00

Absolute hibiscus vodka, pama liquer and a splash of cranberry juice


The Captain’s Madras $6.00

Captain morgan white rum, OJ & cranberry juice

Hibiscus Cooler $6.50

Absolute hibiscus vodka, pama liquer, pineapple & cranberry juice topped with sierra mist

Rangpur Tom Collins $6.50

Tanqueray rangpur gin layered with sour and soda.

Southern Comfort Manhattan $6.50

Southern comfort & sweet vermouth

Kentucky Brunch $8.50

Jim bean shaken with orange marmalade, cointreau and sour

Side Car $8.50

Christian brothers brandy, cointreau, and sour. Served with a sugar-rimmed glass and a cherry

Knob Creek Old Fashioned $10.25

Classic old fashioned cocktail served up with knob creek bourbon.


3.50 bottles and cans of Revolution Brewery


Cruzan $4.75

Bacardi Select $5.75

Tommy Bahama Golden Sun $7.50

Barbados dark rum


Premium rum from puerto rico

Bacardi Limon $4.50

Citrus flavord puerto rican rum

Zaya 12 Yr Gran Reserva $8.00


Malibu $4.50

Carribbean rum with coconut flavor

Bacardi O $4.50

Orange flavored puerto rican rum

Pyrat Xo Reserve $6.50

British west indies

Captain Morgan $4.50

Spiced rum from puerto rico

Mount Gay Eclipse $5.25

Barbados rum


Hennessy Vs $6.25

Jacques Cardin Apple Vsop $6.75

Remy Martin Vsop $10.00

Courvoisier Vsop $10.00

Louis XIII $128.00

Hennessy Vsop $6.50

B & B $8.00

A blend of French Brandy and Benedictine

Martell Vsop $10.00

Courvoisier Xo $20.00

Christian Brother Brandy Vs $5.75

Jacques Cardin Jasmin Vsop $6.75

Grand Marnier $9.50

Martell Cordon Bleu $15.00

Remy Martin V $6.25

Jaques Cardin Vsop $7.25

Courvoisier Vs $8.50

Navan Vanilla $8.25

D’usse Vsop $12.25


Svedka $6.00

Absolute Apeach $6.00

peach infused swedish vodka

Absolute Berri Acai $6.00

Absolute Rasperri $6.00

Stoli ORANGE $6.50

orange infused russina vodka

Stoli Blueberi $6.50

blueberry infused russian vodka

Belvedere $7.25

polish luxury vodk from dankowskie gold rye

Chopin $8.25

luxury potato vodka from poland

Stoli Elit $10.25

premium russian vodka

Absolute $6.00


Absolute Mandarin $6.00

Absolute Kurant $6.00

Ketel One $6.25

premium dutch vodka

Stolichnaya (stoli) $6.50

russian vodka

Grey Goose $7.25

premium french vodka

Van Gogh Espresso $7.25

espresso infused vodka from holland

Jean-Marc Xo $10.50

Pearl Pomegranate Vodka $5.75

pomegranate infused canadian vodka

Absolute Citron $6.00

citrus infused swedish vokda

Absolute Mango $6.00

Kettle One Citron $6.25

citrus infused dutch vodka

Stoli Vanil $6.50

vanilla infused russian vodka

Belvedere Black Raspberry $7.25

Van Gogh Acia-blueberry $7.25

acia-blueberry infused vodka from holland

Ciroc Vodka $8.50

Titos Vodka $5.25

Smirnoff Green Apple $5.25

triple distilled vodka

Absolute Ruby Red $6.00

grapefruit infused swedish vodka

Absolute Grapevine $6.00

Kettle One Orange $6.25

Stoli Razberi $6.50

raspberry infused russian vodka

Grey Goose Cherry Noir $7.25

Belvedere Pink Grapefruit $7.25

Ultimate Vodka $10.25

Crystal Head $12.50


Disaranno $6.00

italian amaretto

B & B $8.00

a blend of french brandy and benedictine

Pallini Rapicello $5.25

italian raspberry liqueur

Cointreau $7.00

french orange liqueur

Kahlua $5.75

coffee liqueur

Pallini Peachcello $5.25

italian white peach liqueur

Licor 43 $8.00

cuarenta y tres, spanish liqueur

Grand Marnier $9.00

a blend of french cognac and orange liqueur

Midori $5.75

japanese melon liqueur

Pimms 1 Cup $5.25

blend of fine liqueurs and fruit extracts

Frangelico $6.25

italian hazelnut liqueur

Everglo $6.00

blend of vodka, tequila, caffine and ginseng

Alize Blue $6.00

a blend a of french cognac, vodka and exotic juices

Pallini Limoncello $5.25

italian lemon liqueur

Bailey’s $6.25

available in original irish cream, caramel and mint chocolate

Drambuie $7.00

scottish liqueur

Pama $5.75

pomegranate liqueur

Chambord $7.00

black raspbery french liqueur

Tia Maria $7.00

coffee liqueur

Campari $5.25

italian aperitif

X-rated Passion $6.00

french vodka infused with blood orange, mango and passion fruit

Zen $6.00

green tea liqueur

Jaegermeister $6.25

Ecstasy Liqueur $6.00

black raspbery french liqueur


Jim Beam Rye $5.25

straight rye whiskey

Jim Beam Black $5.75

kentucky straight bourbon aged 8 year

Basil Hayden’s $7.00

kentucky straight bourbon aged 8 year

Jim Beam $5.25

kentucky straight bourbon

Bulleit Rye $5.75

Buffalo Trace $6.75

kentucky straight bourbon

Booker’s $10.00

kentucky straight bourbon aged 7 years

Templeton Rye $5.25

Seagram’s Vo $5.25

Michael Collins $6.25

irish whiskey

Canadian Club 12 $7.50

Tullamore Dew $5.25

Canadian Club $5.75

canadian wisky blend aged 8 years

Jameson $6.25

triple distilled irish whiskey blend

Bushmills 10 Yr $7.75

Jack Daniel’s $5.25

tennessee sour mash wiskey

Bulleit Bourbon $6.25

kentucky straight bourbon

Markers 46 $7.75

Baker’s $8.00

kentucky straight bourbon

Jack Daniels Honey $5.25

Maker’s Mark $5.75

kentucky straight bourbon

Knob Creek $7.50

kentucky straight bourbon aged 9 years

Seagram’s 7 Crown $4.25

american whiskey

Woodford Reserve $5.75

kentucky straight bourbon whiskey

Danfield’s $6.75

Bushmills 1608 400th Anniversary $17.00

Wild Turkey $5.25

kentucky straight bourbon

Bushmills $6.25

distilled three times irish whiskey blend

Crown Royal $6.75

fine de luxe blended canadian whisky


Sauza Gold $4.75

Patron Añejo $8.75

Patron Reposado $7.50

Patron Silver $7.25

Jose Cuervo $5.25



Enjoy your favorite appetizers for half the cost! Calamari, Asian Tuna, Filet Bites and more FROM 4:30PM-6:30PM


Stellar Citrus Rush Gin $4.75

Bombay Sapphire $6.25

london dry gin

Martin Millers Gin $8.75

Tangueray Rangpur $5.25

london gin infused with rangpur limes

Tangueray $5.75

london dry gin

Magellan $7.25

precious gin from france

Beefeater $4.75

Hendrick’s $6.25

small batch gin from scotland

Oxley $7.50


William Grant’s $4.75

Johnnie Walker Black $6.25

Macallan 12 Year $7.75

Dewar’s 12 Year $10.25

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban $12.25

Macallan 15 Year $12.75

Johnnie Walker Gold 18 Yr $15.75

Glenlivet 25 Year $32.50

Dewar’s Aberfedly 21 $45.00

Cutty Sark $5.25

Dewar’s $5.75

Deanston 12 Year $7.25

Dalmore Cigar Melt $8.50

Talisker 10 Year $10.50

Balvenie 15 Year $12.50

Laphroaig 10 Year $12.50

Lagunil 16 Year $15.75

Dewar’s Signature $32.50

Johnnie Walker Blue $36.50

Chivas Regal $5.25

Glenmorangie Scotch 10 Year $7.75

Aberfedly 12 Year Old $8.50

Dalwhinnie 15 Year $10.50

Glenrothes $12.25

Aberlour A’Bunadh $12.75

Macallan 18 Year $18.25

Balvenie Port Wood 21 $37.50

J & B $4.75

Johnnie Walker Red $5.25

Glenlivet 12 Year $6.25

Dalmore $8.50

Glenkinchie 10 Year $9.75

Balvenie Double Wood 12 Year $10.50

Oban 14 Year $12.50

Bowmore 12 Year $12.50

Glenlivet 18 Year $15.50

Glenfarclas 25 Year $36.50

Glenmorangie Signet $47.50

Balvenie Double Wood 12 Year $10.50


Price and items are subject to change without notice. 20% on parties of 15 or more.we just can’t think of a better and fairer system than first come, first served.