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Finding Free is an acoustic rock duo that plays cover songs and originals in the greater Chicago area. They combine acoustic guitar with rhythmic cajon grooves and tight vocal harmonies to produce music that pleases diverse audiences. Frank Vito (lead vocals) and Doug Pelt (guitar) are good friends who have played in various bands together over the years. The two have been performing as Finding Free since 2009.
In 2013, Frank and Doug released their first studio recording. Titled “Ready to Go,” the album is a collection of eight original songs written by the band.
Musically, the duo wanted to stay true to the live sound they developed over several years of performing, so the disc features acoustic guitar with lead and harmony vocals. The simple arrangements highlight the smooth combination of their voices while focusing the listener on the heart of the music.
Lyrically, the songs explore a wide range of emotions, including love, faith, personal turmoil, loss, and (ultimately) salvation.The blues-inspired guitar riffs “Break the Walls” give weight to lyrics about dismantling obstacles in life ‘brick-by-brick’ while the melancholy “One Last Goodbye” speaks to Frank’s personal loss of a loved one to suicide. Conversely, upbeat songs like “Miraculous in Love” and “You Found Me” speak of love’s triumph over sin.
Taken as a whole, the album brings the listener on a journey that spans several musical styles and many conflicting emotions. The result is a tightly written song cycle that highlights Finding Free’s unique and well-developed songwriting and performing.