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The Davenport Project is a cover band hailing from the Western Suburbs of Chicago consisting of Doug Davenport (Lead Vocals), Mark Martinelli(Drums), Phil Chester (bass), and Mike Robie (Lead Guitar) Finn Atwood (Acoustic Guitar) Joan Velez (Sax & Percussion). The Davenport Project started as an acoustic trio in the spring of 2007 and have since evolved into a full band.
Personal Information

The Davenport Project™ pride themselves in not being allowed to get tied down to one particular era, type or genre of music. They are at home on stage playing anything from 50’s & 60’s rock, 70’s southern rock classics, 80’s hair metal ballads, 90’s acoustic power pop or contemporary country and even the occasional rap song. They strive to play songs that the crowd not only knows, but wants to hear, sing along with, or dance to. They also try to get the audience involved as much as possible by reading the audience and gauging the responses to songs in order to adjust the set lists on the fly for maximum crowd enthusiasm.

Right now, The Davenport Project™ is focused on playing as many shows as possible. Their influences are as varied as the music they play ensuring an entertaining show for any audience.