FoxFire Offers Discount For Blue Goose Customers

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoorThe Geneva restaurant announced it will offer 10 to 20 percent off bills when customers bring in receipts over $50 from “the Goose.

ST. CHARLES, IL — One local restaurant is offering discounted bills to customers who bring a receipt from “The Goose” in an effort to help boost business for the struggling St. Charles grocery store. FoxFire Restaurant, 17 W. State Street in Geneva, recently announced it would take between 10 to 20 percent off customer’s bills if they brought in a receipt from Blue Goose, 300 S. Second St. in St. Charles. The promotion started this past week and will run through the end of August, according to FoxFire’s Facebook page.

Customers who bring in a receipt of $50 or more will receive 10 percent off, receipts of $100 or more will receive 15 percent off and receipts of $200 or more will receive 20 percent off. In addition, any wine bought at Blue Goose will not be charged a corkage fee and any cake or dessert purchased at The Goose will not be issued a cutting fee, according to FoxFire’s Facebook post.

Earlier this month, Blue Goose owner Paul Lencioni shared a Facebook message with the community regarding the store’s struggles. He said the Goose, which it is referred to be area residents, was in financial trouble. He asked for residents to share with their neighbors and those new to St. Charles, who had never heard of the Blue Goose, what they love about the local grocery store.

Since then, the #getitatthegoose hashtag has surfaced along with social media posts regarding items bought at the Goose and why locals love the store.

In its Facebook post, FoxFire noted that it uses Blue Goose specialty items and desserts frequently and decided to help the business out after hearing of its financial woes.


“Whenever FoxFire Restaurant is in need of a last-minute ingredient, a specialty item, or a great dessert for big events- we go to the Goose,” according to FoxFire’s recent Facebook post. “After we saw their post on Facebook recently we have decided to help.”